January 24, 2011

Home Goals 2011

One of my favorite blogs is Nesting Place, and she did a post recently on her home goals for the year. That Nester is one gifted lady when it comes to making your home feel like you. Needless to say, she is an inspiration to me. I decided to follow her lead and create a list of my own home goals, so here goes...
  1. Hang up my pictures. I have so many beautiful photos sitting around in their frames. They're leaning against the computer desk or the wall in the hallway. They deserve better!
  2. Treat the windows. My living room needs real curtains, the doors need shades or blinds, and the boys' rooms need shades as well. Colby also needs some valances or short curtains.
  3. Install new flooring on the first floor. We have yucky carpet that has seen better days. We're in the process of acquiring new laminate box by box. Our goal is to install it in the spring, likely in late March.
  4. Clean up the loft. This is our storage space, and it is the most disorganized space in the house. I want to donate most of the clothing up there to charity and then install the closet organizer that has been sitting there for years. Then I'll get my crafty corner organized. Finally, if there's time (ha ha) I'd like to install some rails for safety.
  5. Landscaping! The fenced-in yard needs some TLC. I'll be spending lots of time out there with the boys, so I want it to be a space that makes me happy.
  6. Paint and decorate the stairwell. This will be a tough job, as the stairwell is super high. I want the stained ceiling painted, the brass chandelier replaced, the walls painted and pictures hung. I think the banister needs a coat of paint too.
That should keep me busy for several months, don't you think? 

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