September 17, 2009

Clearance Shelf to Candle Holder

Never underestimate the potential of an item in the clearance aisle. On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, I came across this naked little shelf/box thingamajig:

I had no idea what I might use it for, but I decided to get it because the price was too good to pass up:

Once I got it home, the poor thing sat in my office for over a month while I waited for inspiration! Then one day I was flipping through one of my favorite magazines, Country Sampler, and I saw a gorgeous candle holder that looked an awful lot like my thingamajig. So I dragged out the craft paint and a little wooden star that fell off of an old project. After a half hour of paint and glue gunning, this is what I came up with:

Ah, my little bargain bin item has a purpose in life now! And I have a cute candle holder to set on my dry sink. Everyone's a winner!

I'm linking up to Kimba's DIY Day on A Soft Place to Land. It's a wonderful site; go check it out and see what other DIY-ers have created!


Sheri said...

That's so sweet! I wouldn't have even thought of that.

Nancy said...

That is very cute! For that price, you just can't go wrong!


Lisa said...

Super cute and perfect for the Fall season!

Kimba said...

What a cute idea! Nice job. Thanks for linking up.

Room to Inspire said...

Looks great...I so wish I had a Hobby Lobby near me!


Shanty 2 Chic said...

So cute... I may have to go troll our HL now... What a great idea!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I NEVER would have thought of that - and how perfect for fall too! Love it.